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Dr. Voll
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EAV 2.1 - Dr.Voll program

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In Meridian testing window the software gets maximal value of the point, then indicates a drop and its second.
It is possible to take the value of control measurement points on each meridian.

A user is able to set his own time when the software automatically measures the point and shifts to another point’s measuring.
The software directs you in performing all meridian measurements. Every point is graphically illustrated where the measurement point located which a patient and practitioner may view and follow the screen.
Remedy testing window: If you have your own vials of homeopathy remedies which are given in the list (13 names), you can test them with the help of a metal-honey-comb by putting them in a circuit and viewing the difference between the initial meridian values and values which you get with remedy testing to compare them. The software also registers the maximal measured value of the point, then indicator drop and its second.

Remedies window: for each meridian and each point of the meridian there is a remedy name that can be tested if you have a vial by putting it into the metal honey-comb. The user is able to make some notes on each remedy name and a point connected with it and add other remedy names of the vials he has in the software.
Vega test window: shows the maximal value of the point, indicator drop and it second, the difference between the initial and drop value
Print window enables you to print out the information about the points you tested, name, last name of your patient. You can also preview the information you are going to print out.

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